An Article in the Ronduit Roessingh Magazine

Ronduit Roessingh is the magazine of the rehabilitation center Het Roessingh, located in Enschede, the Netherlands. The edition of April 2015 includes an article fully dedicated to PERSSILAA entitled Stay Healthy as long as possible with PERSSILAA (Original title: Zo lang mogelijk gezond met PERSSILAA). The article introduces the project and includes statements from Stephanie Kosterink (a researcher of Roessingh Research and Development), one older participant and a general practitioner.

Mrs. Kamp received a letter from her general practitioner introducing PERSSILAA, and after the two screening phases, she was suggested to join the PERSSILAA program. Currently Mrs. Kamp follows the online physical training three times a week on her iPad and she is surprised with how good she feels. The healthcare professional interviewed is also satisfied, stating that the PERSSILAA project is very important in identifying members in the community that have minor [functional] limitations and that otherwise would not be identified. In those cases an intervention would probably come too late.

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