First experience with cognitive module PERSSILAA platform

The previous months various partners of the PERSSILAA project worked on the development of the cognitive module of the PERSSILAA platform. The cognitive module is adjusted to the needs of pre-frail older adults and based on the Guttmann NeuroPersonal Trainer. This self-management module gives pre-frail older adults the opportunity to train their cognitive capacity.

Several older adults tested the separate cognitive games of this first Dutch version of the cognitive module and were very enthusiastic about it.  Next to these first usability tests the Dutch PERSSILAA advisory board had the opportunity to test this module. On Tuesday June 23 the members of the advisory board were invited. First, the current version of the PERSSILAA platform was discussed as these members just finalized the maintenance phase of the physical module. After a short introduction the older adults randomly picked some games to play. The first games were quite easy to play. However, the following games were more challenging. The members were very positive and willing to use the cognitive module.

At this moment the Dutch version of the cognitive module is adjusted based on the remarks of the older adults; small adjustments as typos. In the following weeks the first older adults are asked to visit the Roessingh Research & Development (RRD) and learn to use the cognitive module. In the first week of July the second intervention study will start in the Netherlands. During this second intervention study, the older adults use the second version of the PERSSILAA platform containing a physical and cognitive self-management module.

Minutes of the advisory board meeting of 23-6-2015 can be found here.


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