Deliverable 2.2.3 – May 2016

This document discusses the final instalment of the series of deliverables in which the PERSSILAA service model and functional specifications were developed and evaluated. The service model was tested for acceptance in the Netherlands and Italy, among older adults and professional stakeholders. Acceptance of the service was high. The service model could be improved by making ICT education for older adults an integral part of the PERSSILAA service model and by integrating functionality that specifies to professionals which types of persons have joined the service within a specific population. The usability test identified problems with the registration functionality, wording of several screening items, and the messages that are generated after the first screening and upon which screening results are displayed. The registration functionality and wording of several items has been addressed in this deliverable, while the redesign of the feedback functionality will be the subject of a separate study that will result in a complete redesign of this functionality.

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