Deliverable 3.4 – Recommendations for a European guideline – Nov. 2016

This document presents Task 3.4, summarising the lessons learned from the PERsonalised ICT Supported Service for Independent Living and Active Ageing (PERSSILAA) project and how these may contribute to the development of European guidelines relating to the screening and prevention of frailty. The deliverable describes the initial results of PERSSILAA and provides recommendations based on these that incorporate the important clinical (screening, monitoring and managing prefrail older adults), technical (Information and Communication Technology [ICT] based innovations) and societal (health literacy in older adults) outcomes obtained to different stakeholders and agencies including but not limited to health and social care providers, governmental organisations, business organisations and the general public (patients and caregivers). This deliverable also seeks out appropriate and relevant local, regional, European and international guidelines that currently exist and how the results of PERSSILAA could be incorporated into these, while linking closely with the deliverable concerning dissemination (i.e. WP 6, D6.2). The results presented include recommendations that could be used towards the generation of European guidelines for the identification, monitoring and multi-faceted management of prefrailty (the precursor of frailty) in order to prevent onset of frailty and functional decline. These are grouped by theme into 43 recommendations and are grouped under the following headings: (A) Healthcare related recommendations, (B) ICT related recommendations and (C) Organisational (institutional) related recommendations.

Please also find our recommendations under News – Final Recommendations!

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