Healthcare related recommendations

The first PERSSILAA results presented here describe the clinically relevant outcomes of the study and how these could be used to contribute to European guidelines for the screening of and prevention of frailty and functional decline in older adults. The main clinical areas that PERSSILAA feeds into relate to the following healthcare domains/areas:

  1. Definitions of Pre-frailty and General Frailty
  2. Physical Frailty
  3. Nutritional Frailty
  4. Cognitive Frailty

This first section outlines the three main healthcare related outcomes of the study that will contribute to the clinical and healthcare recommendations i.e. 4.1.1 recommendations relating to the definition of pre-frailty; 4.1.2, recommendations relating to the screening procedure to identify pre-frailty; 4.1.3, recommendations relating to monitoring of pre-frailty and 4.1.4 recommendations relating to integrated training modules for health and ICT literacy to manage pre-frailty.

Definition of pre-frailty
Yes, older adults do want monitoring technology in daily life!
Two-step screening to identify pre-frailty
Personalized training promoting cognitive functioning for healthy brain aging
Innovative, interdisciplinary and easily accessed nutritional education website
Health Literacy Program to increase awareness of personal healthcare among elderly
Self-managed online exercising for older adults is feasible with professional support